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Checkpoint - Dompass - Hajiz, feat. Equality, Jitsvinger, Prince Alfarra & Lindi Yeni

from Y'all Need a Reminder To Be Against Genocide? by Free Radicals

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Lindi seen here performing for Nelson Mandela is in her 70th year, and lends her lifetime of experience with human rights and South African apartheid to this track. She is joined by her younger fellow South African Jitsvinger who raps in Afrikaans, who has been recording for 2 decades, giving a voice to the marginalized and oppressed people of the world which is directly linked to his history as a descendant of the Khoe and San people of South Africa.

Also on the track is Equality, who says, "Being a part of this project was an honor and a privilege, as an artist it's important to me to be able to use art as a form of activism that lends a voice to what's happening in real time. The music is the canvas for each artist to paint their masterpiece, hopefully this will frame a perspective on where we are, where we are going and give optimism for the future generation of artists seeking to spread light and insight."

And Prince Alfarra from Gaza rounds out the line-up with his condemnation of Israeli military checkpoints.


(Lindi Yeni) What did you stop me for?
Oh, you want to see my pass...
My identity card.

(EQuality) Checkpoint from here to Palestine
on the front lines by government design.
Armed tanks and a gun in my face,
when I'm just trying to make it home to put some food on my plate.
Human rights or human hate?
A different country? Same police state.
Cape Town, H-Town, duck down!
The cops are all around. Be quiet, don't make a sound.
The sound of the police, the sound of the beast.
Roadblocks in the streets from the West to the East.
We got to war for peace? Who me?
I'm Aimé Césaire when I beast over beats.
The mathematical slash free and radical.
Speaking anti-colonial, solemnly at the podium.
Checkpoints, check the score, checkmates when I check the board.
The police want the knights, bishops, rooks, kings, queens, checked for sure.

(Jitsvinger translated from Afrikaans)
Jitsvinger, that's the name. I bring the thriller on the rhythm, mic is on.
Shoot a film with the lyric, you like the sound?
Worldwide, move smart with the thespians.
Free Radicals, the beat makes you want to wriggle.
Transcend across borders (artificial).
We come through on time and full of flavors.
My jam is a bomb laced for lawmakers.
Steel wheels with Nazi rims scrapes the locations.
Dividing nations, it's abominable
Colonized my name on paper
Forefathers become bastards with black pigment
Oppressed in the name of resources and minerals
My kinfolk is woke since the VOC* and before that
* (Dutch East India Company)
I'm primed -- Every word is a shot, recognize!
Check us out, we step across borders
Endgame for the elite's pawns and every piece on the chessboard
Gatekeepers be warned -- And to the bourgeoise: wise up
New checkpoint!

(Lindi Yeni) You want to see if I have a right to be in
the urban areas of South Africa.
Let me tell you something....

Prince Alfarra (translated from Arabic)
In all the alleys, in the alleyways of streets, barriers prevent the dreams of residents and farmers
A pretext for the protection of a state that was established at the expense of a people that it does not care about
How do you expect me to wish peace or surrender to its tyranny?
Palestinian, my kuffiyah is my address, and your barriers will never be able to erase that.
Build your barriers, with my will I will break them, my people love death as much as you love living
I am still holding the key to return. I promised my grandfather before he died that I would return
So don't imagine that you will reside here forever
My people insist on freedom even if they have to sacrifice many
Palestinian, my resolve, my religion.
A mountain stays steadfast...  O wind, hear me?!

(Lindi Yeni) I am a native of this country.
I am a daughter of the soil.
You brutally pushed my people
into the worst part of our country.
And you dare ask me for a permit?
Let me tell you something.
I burned your bloody Dompass!


from Y'all Need a Reminder To Be Against Genocide?, released November 28, 2023
vocals & lyric composers: Lindi Yeni, EQuality, Prince Alfarra, Jitsvinger
musicians: Nick Cooper, Blind Teo Bijarro, Pete Sullivan, Chris H., Brian H., Subhendu C., Jason Jackson, Jon Durbin, Tom V., Harry Sheppard, Kelly D.
all rights Free Rads LLC freerads.com


all rights reserved



Free Radicals Houston, Texas

Free Radicals sends a new collection of Palestine solidarity and anti-genocide music to the world, and to our rapper and friend Beesh in Gaza.
Without a phone, electricity, food or water, and with bombs dropping all around him and his daughter, we hope he's still alive and not in pain.
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